How to Redeem Providian Visa Rewards Points

••• Alex Fiore

The Visa Rewards program on Providian credit cards can be a great way for you to pick up some gifts for simply using your credit card as you typically would. Typically each purchase you make using your credit card earns you one points, making it easy to gather quite a few if you use your credit card often If you've finally started to accrue a substantial amount of points, redeeming them and getting a reward is extremely simple to do.

Check your points balance (located on your last credit card statement) to find out how many points you have to redeem.

Request a reward catalog from Providian, or log-on to your credit cards site and browse the available options.

Select the item you wish to redeem your point for from the catalog or online and note the item number for your selection.

Fill out the redemption form with your name and address as well as your rewards membership number so they know where to deduct the points from.

Submit the form online or mail the form in to the appropriate address, making sure to include any money required for shipping and handling of your items.