How to Purchase SRP Municipal Bonds

How to Purchase SRP Municipal Bonds
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There are two main ways to invest in a company: stocks or bonds. Stocks represent ownership, and bonds represent a debt to the company. In return for a stated rate of interest which usually coincides with the riskiness of the company issuing the bonds, the bondholder will lend the company a certain amount of money (usually $1,000). Salt River Project (SRP) is a utility company based in Arizona which issues revenue bonds periodically. If SRP is issuing revenue bonds, it will be clearly stated on its website.

Determine how much you want to invest in SRP bonds. Bonds are generally issued in thousand-dollar increments.

Go to the investor relations site for the Salt River Project (see References for a link) or email investor relations with a request about the latest bond offering at

Request the prospectus from the trustee or investor relations. This is the equivalent to an annual report for a company and will provide you historical performance results.

Contact the trustee to request documents to make a purchase in the next bond offering. The current trustee is U.S. Bank. The number for U.S. Bank for SRP bond holders or those interested in purchasing is (800) 934-6802.

Send or transfer funds directly to U.S. Bank. Once the broker contacts you about the next bond offering, he or she will ask you how much you want to purchase. You can send U.S. Bank a check once you get the specifics on the costs and the terms of the new offering.


  • You can also contact the trustee about registration changes (ownership), destroyed or lost bonds, direct deposit of semi-annual payments from bonds, early redemption and called bonds.