The Pros & Cons of Buying Trucks

When a person has decided to purchase an automobile, he will often need to choose between purchasing a car or a truck. In many cases, this decision will come down the specific needs of the buyer. While some individuals may need the advantages endemic to a truck, others will find that these pluses are outweighed by a number of drawbacks.

Advantage: More Hauling Capacity

One of the chief advantages of trucks is that they are far better equipped that cars to haul objects. Trucks with flatbeds generally have far more room than most cars and SUVs. In addition, the large engine on trucks make them much better at towing objects than regular cars. Trucks can therefore be especially well suite for individuals transporting large amounts of equipment.

Advantage: Better Off-Road Capability

Trucks generally have larger engines that cars, with at least six cylinders, although some have V-8 and even V-10 engines. These powerful engines, as well as a higher clearance under the car and bigger, more rugged tires, can mean trucks are better equipped for off road traveling. For an individual who lives in a rural area, a truck can be essentially.

Disadvantage: Poorer Gas Mileage

Although newer trucks have become to approach the fuel economy of regular cars, most receive many fewer miles to the gallon than regular cars. For this reason, although the price to purchase a truck may be cheaper than to purchase a case, the cost of owning a truck for a number of years may be more than the cost of owning a car.

Disadvantage: Choice

One of the disadvantages of buying a truck is that there are fewer styles of truck for an individual to select from than there are cars. According to Edmunds, an automotive information website, all trucks come in three basic models: regular cab, extended cab and crew cab. Cars, by contrast, have a far greater number of variations. When shopping for a truck, a buyer simply has fewer options to select from.

Disadvantage: Safety

Although trucks are equipped with most of the same safety features as cars, according to Edmunds, many compact trucks perform poorly in crash test ratings. In addition, passengers who sit in the rear jump seats of trucks and in the flatbed portion are not adequately protected in the event of a crash, unlike passengers who sit in back seat of a car.