How to Print Taxes on Turbo Tax

For fiscal year 2020, the Internal Revenue Service documented ​195.2 million​ tax returns that were filed electronically, accounting for roughly ​81 percent​ of all returns.

Turbo Tax is a premier online tax preparation software that many taxpayers utilize every year to file electronically. They ask a series of questions and fill in the forms as you answer the questions. Then they send the completed forms to the IRS. It is a streamlined way for the average American to file taxes without reams of paperwork.

Although it is all electronic, you still put countless hours into gathering documents, receipts and forms from financial institutions to create a tax return on Turbo Tax. But did you know it is equally as important to have a hard copy of your return on hand? Not only is it a good idea to create a real paper file (not digital) with a printed copy of your return, but also include all receipts and documents from the tax year.

Why Print a Copy of Taxes?

You may not even be at risk for an audit, but keeping all your documents together on the occasion that you are faced with an audit will make the process less intimidating. For example, the IRS may question the size of your home office deductions, so keeping a record of all utility bills, measurements of the space and repairs made for the office are all important things to have on file if faced with an audit.

In addition, any type of bank loan will most likely require a copy of your previous year's return. When applying for a home equity line of credit, the bank will ask you to bring a copy of your previous year's tax return to analyze your financial standing.

When budgeting or even being offered a new position at a new job, a tax return can be extremely helpful in evaluating your bottom line. Your AGI can provide a clear picture of what you bring home after taxes so you can compare it to other salary ranges.

Basics of Turbo Tax Filing

Turbo Tax makes every step of filing simple and straightforward for users, including printing your final return. With every category, they will ask questions to help decide which particular tax situation is right for you. You can do the tax preparation steps either through downloadable/purchased software or the Turbo Tax website.

Once you are ready and have entered all the information from all documents, you can file electronically through the Turbo Tax website. This sends your return to the IRS on your behalf. They do not send you a paper copy but make printing a copy very easy.

Printing Turbo Tax Returns

Usually, after you've e-filed, you'll be given the option to download and print your return. Turbo Tax does recommend having Adobe Acrobat Reader DC installed on the computer that you'll be printing from. They even have a link to a free installation of the program right on their site.

After you have a PDF reader on your computer, you simply follow these steps to view and print your return at any time:

  • Sign in to your account on the Turbo Tax website.
  • Look for a "Your Tax Returns & Documents" option to see your filed tax returns by year.
  • Click the "Download/Print Return (PDF)" option for the return you need. This usually prompts Turbo Tax to ask why you're printing the return.
  • Click "Download My Return" to download and save the PDF to your computer.
  • Open the PDF file on your computer and use the software's "File" menu to select the "Print" option.
  • Choose your print options on your operating system's pop-up menu and select "Print" to print the Turbo Tax return.

If you have purchased the software program, you can save your tax return there, which comes in handy for mailing a paper return. Here are the steps through the software version:

  • Save your tax return through the software program as a PDF on your computer by going through the "Print Center."
  • You can print the PDF directly off your computer once the file is open.
  • Select the printer icon once you've opened the file.
  • Choose the printer you want to use via the dropdown menu, otherwise it'll print from the default option.
  • Update any desired printing settings and click "Print."

Saving Your Tax Return Records

Once you've printed your return, file it in your folder with all your supporting documents and add it to your filing system. Turbo Tax has a reminder that the only things that will print from your return through them are the tax forms, calculations on the worksheets and credit and deduction forms. They do not provide the forms that were mailed to you such as W-2 or interest statements from banks and student loans.