How to Print Taxes on Turbo Tax

Turbo Tax, manufactured by Intuit, is the most popular tax software available to consumers today. With this program you can do your taxes on your home computer and even e-file through your Internet connection. It is also possible to print your state and federal tax returns either to mail in or to keep for your records.

Open the Turbo Tax program and start a new return. You can import files from previous years if you have them. Complete your return using your W-2s and other tax documents.

Click on the heading at the top that says "Print & File."

Click on the subhead that says "Print/Save for Your Records." This will bring up a screen that allows you to save a PDF copy of your returns on your computer. This will enable you to view your records throughout the year without opening Turbo Tax.

Click the "Print Returns" button after saving your records. This will bring up a print screen that gives you many options. You can print all the forms you will need for filing, just the ones you want for your records (such as your 1040) or any other specific form you may want to print. After you decide which files you need, click "Print" in the lower right hand corner and the printing will start.

Check for errors on your documents, especially if you plan to mail them in as your filing method. After you have proofread your returns, they are ready to be mailed.