How to Print the 1040-EZ Form

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The 1040-EZ is a simplified tax form that many Americans use to file their earnings. In order to qualify, you need to make less than a specified amount of money and claim no dependents. Also, you can only take basic tax deductions. Check with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to see if you qualify to use this tax form.

Go directly to the source. Visit the official website of the Internal Revenue Service. You can print your tax forms directly from their site for your personal use.

Locate the link for the 1040-EZ tax form. It's located in a list of links near the top-left side of the IRS's website or use the search box at the top-right side.

Click on the link for the 1040-EZ form to open it so you can fill it out. A PDF file containing the form will appear in your web browser. At this point, you can use your mouse and keyboard to navigate the blanks and fill in the form or print it out and fill it in by hand.

Save a copy of the 1040-EZ form to your computer by pressing the icon that looks like a disk, located in the top-left corner of the screen. You can save it for your own personal records or just temporarily while you're filling it out, in case you and need to complete the form in more than one sitting.

Print the 1040-EZ by clicking on the icon with a small printer on it, also located in the top-left corner.

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