How to Post Real Estate Listings for Free

••• Tara Dodrill

Selling real estate without an agent doesn't have to be expensive. Multiple online real estate websites offers free postings to homeowners. Free real estate listing websites generally always require registration with the website, and allow at least one photo at no charge. Listing a home or land on multiple free real estate listing websites is advised.

Hire a real estate appraiser to determine the market value of the home. This isn't required, but advised to establish a realistic price, which financial institutions will agree to lend funds to a buyer for the purchase.

Take photographs of both the interior and the exterior of the home. Include pictures of attractive yard features, the hot water tank, heating and cooling system, fuse box and water pipes under sinks, if possible.

Measure the rooms and porch area. Note the square footage in each room, and use in listing information. Note the square living footage, which is what real estate appraisers base market value on, when measuring the room. The gross living area square footage doesn't include closets, basements, exterior structures, covered or uncovered patios or porches. Do measure the basement and note that figure separately on the listing form. It is considered a potential living area by buyers, but not by lenders or appraisers. Measure any exterior structures, porches or patios and list the square footage, along with any other important details, separately on the listing form.

Create a property listing detailing the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and square footage in the home. Note the number of floors, basement details, outdoor living spaces and age of appliances inside the home.

Create a free website to highlight home features, include additional photos and a virtual tour if possible. Link the free website address to the listing information on the free real estate listing website.


  • Read all posting agreements carefully.


  • Do not post the physical address or personal information online. Use the website's "contact the seller" email link for safety. Include only the basics of location in the free real estate property listing.