Places to Get Your Taxes Done

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Preparing your own taxes is often difficult. Despite software which allows you to prepare your own taxes at home, some people like to make sure that a tax preparation specialist will help them prepare and file their taxes accurately and there are plenty of tax preparation companies where you can get your taxes done throughout the country.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service provides full-service individual tax return preparation for state and federal income taxes. They have about 6,600 locations throughout the country, according to Jackson Hewitt will prepare your tax return, calculate your deductions and credits and try to get you the best return possible. Not only can you get your taxes done at one of their many US locations, including in-store locations at Walmart stores, but also online, through the Jackson Hewitt website.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service 3 Sylvan Way, Suite 301 Parsippany, NJ 07054 800-234-1040

H&R Block

H&R Block was founded in 1955 and now employs 100,000 individuals to help prepare state and federal taxes throughout the US. According to their website, H&R Block prepares one out of every seven tax returns. This tax preparing company also has location in Australia and Canada. You can have your state and federal taxes prepared for you at one of the many locations, or you can purchase the H&R Block’s tax preparation software which allows you to prepare your own taxes.

H&R Block 1 H and R Block Way Kansas City, MO 64105 800-472-5625

Liberty Tax Service

Liberty Tax Service prides itself in being a fast and accurate, full service tax preparation company. They have tax preparers who have to prove their skills by taking three examinations. Other than tax preparation, Liberty Tax Service also gives complimentary tax consultations, refund loans, assistance with audits and they guarantee your satisfaction. Despite only being around since 1997, this company hires over seven million individuals in 3,500 offices throughout both Canada and the United States.

Liberty Tax Service 1716 Corporate Landing Parkway Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454 800-768-9472