Places to Retire With a Boat

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As the golden years approach, people begin thinking about ideal places to retire. For boat enthusiasts it is important to find a place near the water where they can get the most out of their boats during retirement as well as enjoy a suitable community for retirees. Fortunately there are a number of places in warm-weather climates within the United States that are popular retirement destinations for those who own a boat.

St. Augustine

St, Augustine, Florida was an early Spanish settlement discovered by Ponce de Leon in 1513. The city became a part of the United States in 1821 and has since developed into a popular place for retirees who love the water to bring their boats and enjoy life.

St. Augustine is full of historical sites and is located along the Atlantic Coast with the calm waters of Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway providing safe harbors for boats and excellent opportunities for fishing and water sports.

The area is home to several different performance and art facilities, including the Limelight Theater and The Flagler Auditorium. St. Augustine is also home to 30 parks for recreational activities and over 50 golf courses are within a short drive of the city. The area also has a number of seniors activities through the St. Johns Recreation and Parks Department, an average year around temperature in the mid 70s and two quality medical centers.

Cape Coral

Rated by U.S. News and World Report as one of the best places to retire on the water, Cape Coral, Florida is a boater’s paradise. This sub tropical location boasts more than 400 miles of canals within the city, which is nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caloosahatchee River.

The city, located on the southwest coast of the state, has white sand beaches and a public yacht and basin club for boating enthusiasts. The area was among the hardest hit during the housing slump in 2008. Many foreclosures happened in the area, making it a good place to buy property with real estate values back to the level they were many years ago.


Fairhope, Alabama is located just east of Mobile along Mobile Bay’s eastern shore. The small town of 12,000 is perched above a three-mile stretch of beach where boaters can dock their boats in between trips into the Gulf of Mexico.

Meanwhile, within the town, there is a lot to enjoy during retirement. This affordable coastal town has been recognized for the aesthetic beauty of its parks and gardens, according to, and is covered with oak trees thick with Spanish moss.

Retirees make up a significant part of the population, with nearly one in every four residents having moved here for retirement purposes. Fairhope is also a haven for artists and writers who also enjoy the cozy atmosphere.


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