The Best Places to Buy Land

If you are seeking ways to make money from investments, purchasing land can be a viable option. Whether purchasing land to build a home or lease to a developer or businessman, knowing where to buy land is an important consideration. For instance, land located in areas where natural disasters are prevalent or where weather is frequently less than ideal should be investigated carefully before buying. Other considerations worth noting are geographic locations and the value of the land. With these considerations in mind, some of the best places to buy land in the country involve going west.


According to Acreage Anywhere, Arizona is one of the best places to buy land in the country due to its warm climate and the wide range of purposes for which land may be used (farming, ranching, commercial and residential use). In a June 13, 2010, article for the Arizona Republic, Catherine Reagor reports on the increase in land purchases in Phoenix and the surrounding areas by homebuilders and developers. She points to Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert as new places for home builders and the tripling of lot prices in these Southeast Valley communities. Also, because of the number of people who relocate to Arizona each year, there are good prospects in purchasing land for residential and commercial purposes.


Land is plentiful in Wyoming, one of the largest geographical states in the Unites States. Additionally, those who own land in Wyoming are exempt from income taxes and inheritance taxes. The ease at which land can be purchased in the state also adds to its appeal. In fact, the Brooks Advisory and Real Estate Group in Wyoming states that you do not need the assistance of a real estate agent or broker. With as little as a 10 percent down payment, financing for the purchase of land can be guaranteed. Ranch land in Wyoming can be used for horse and cattle ranches, a vacation destination or as a future retirement home.


As the second largest geographical state in the U.S., land in the state of Texas is abundant. Despite its varying climates and history of natural disasters (the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005) the state offers several benefits for prospective land investors. The combination of desert land and greenlands in addition to the state's thriving oil industry provide lucrative opportunities. Hunting, fishing and ranching are particularly popular in the state and a significant amount of land exists near rivers and lakes in addition to marshlands and woodlands.