How to Get a Personal Grant Application

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There are many government grant opportunities available at Most of these grants go to nonprofit or profit organizations, or to local and state governments. To get subgrants from those sources, you need to contact the local organization or government agency and find out their application processes. However, there are individual grants available at To get an application, you'll need to search the site and find the grant for which you want to apply, then register with It may take several days before you're approved. From there, obtaining an application for your personal grant is easy.

Go to the website and click "Apply for Grants." You'll find this option in the red box to the left of the screen. A new screen will appear.

Enter the CDFA or Funding Opportunity Number associated with your grant in the fields provided. If the grant opportunity has a Funding Opportunity Competition ID number, enter that too.


Click the "Download Package" button.

Open the file and press your keyboard's "Control" and letter "P" keys simultaneously to print the application.



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