How to Pay Taxes on a Mobile Home

How to Pay Taxes on a Mobile Home
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Property taxes, which include mobile home taxes, are assessed by your municipality and are based on the value of the mobile home. A county or municipal assessor places a value on the home and should notify you annually of any change in the valuation. Some municipalities require two payments per year while others collect the yearly sum at once. Furthermore, some states, such as Florida, require an annual registration tax if you do not own the land. An important component of paying your mobile home taxes is calculating the payment and understanding the value of the property.

Calculate your mobile home's tax by multiplying the municipal tax rate by the value of the property. For example, if the home is valued at $175,000 and the tax rate is 6 percent then the annual tax is $1,050 or 175000 x .006. You should receive a Notice of Valuation, property tax statement or a similar document at least 30 days prior to the tax due date if a change has occurred.

Call the office of the county treasurer or the state's office of taxation to find out where to send the payment. Typically, the local department of revenue and taxation accepts tax payments.

Get a money order, check or certified bank instrument equal to the tax amount. Complete the document accurately and make a copy for your records.

Go to the revenue and taxation department's website or visit the location to complete the transaction. Many governments accept payments online, over the telephone, in person or by mail. Make sure you have your tax statement, account number and other pertinent information. Deliver the funds or complete the transaction online. Record the confirmation number and keep the tax statement, receipt and copy of the check in a safe location.