How to Pay Pennsylvania State Taxes

How to Pay Pennsylvania State Taxes
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Pennsylvania state taxes should be paid to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. The Department of Revenue even offers a free online filing application that you can use to file your state taxes. The Pennsylvania State Income Tax is charged at 3.07 percent of your taxable income. The State Department of Revenue offers low-income families tax credits that can reduce the amount of state taxes they owe through the Tax Forgiveness Program. Almost one in five families qualifies for this program.


Call 888-472-3453 to access the Telefile system. You can fill out your Fast File Booklet, which you should receive in the mail in January. You can use the questions in the book to prepare to answer the questions over the phone. Be sure you're using a touch-tone phone, that your W2 forms are available and that you have no more than seven W2 forms.

Input your Social Security number and your state tax liability, which can be found on line 12 of Form PA-40, to confirm your identification.

Input tax information from your IRS Form W2 when prompted.

Sign the form by agreeing to sign electronically and confirming your identification again. Write down your confirmation number and hang up the phone.

Direct File Online

Log on to the Direct File site for the Pennsylvania State Department of Revenue. (See Resources.) Select an authentication method. You can choose either your Social Security number and previous year's tax liability, information from your Pennsylvania driver's license or your e-signature user ID and password. Input the authentication you've selected and select Continue.

Answer questions about your residence and employer. Some information can be found on the W2 form.

Answer questions about your income for the year. Your W2 form should contain this information.

Answer questions about your credits or tax forgiveness, if applicable. This can reduce your total state income tax debt.

Sign your return, following the e-signature instructions at the end of the process. Submit your return and save a copy of the confirmation page for your records.


Go to your local post office and pick up a state income tax form. They should be available in the lobby around tax time. If they aren't available, visit your state tax office and request the forms in person or mail a request by post.

Fill out the form with your personal information at the top. Include your name, address, Social Security number, and information on your employment situation and your spouse.

Include your income information. Refer to your W2 forms.

Write down any tax credits or breaks you have that may apply.

Copy each of your W2 forms and include the copies in the envelope with the return. Send the return, the copies and the appropriate payment, if necessary, to the Pennsylvania State Department of Revenue. The address is located on the back of the tax form.


  • You can also look at the free filing options on, where you can find many programs to help you file your state and federal taxes.