What Is Part Time in College?

by Greg Pretak
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A part-time college student takes fewer classes than a full-time student, but usually also works a job. There are different factors to take into account when considering part-time versus full-time status, such as money, family and personal outcome.


A student is considered part time if he is taking between one and 11 credits. Full-time status is 12 credits and over. A semester load of at least six credits is generally required for financial aid eligibility.


Money is often a big factor in the decision whether to attend part time or full time. The ability to work and take classes allows a student to still maintain an income. However, it may be beneficial to take time off of work to earn a degree as a full-time student.

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Take your family into consideration when deciding whether to go to college part time or full time. A mother of two may only want to go to college part time so she can still spend time at home with her children.


Going to college part time will allow a student to work and get a degree. However, it will take longer to earn a degree. Going to college full time will allow a student to earn a degree in a shorter period of time but work less often.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for both part-time and full-time students. There are loan programs and aid for students, such as FAFSA (Federal Student Aid) and Sallie Mae (Private Student Loans, Federal Student Loans, Private College Loans).

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