How to Paper File My Kentucky State Taxes

How to Paper File My Kentucky State Taxes
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To file Kentucky state income taxes, single filers may be able to use the simpler 740-EZ form if the taxpayer: 1) has only wages, salaries and tips shown on the W-2; 2) has taxable interest income totaling not more than $1,500; 3) filed the federal 1040-EZ form; and 4) is not eligible to claim credits for the elderly and blind. All full-year Kentucky residents regardless of marital status or income levels can use the more encompassing standard 740 form. Additionally, members of the Kentucky National Guard must use the standard 740 since, regardless of federal income tax status, they are ineligible to use the 740-EZ.

Prepare and Mail Taxes

Gather all tax-related records and information, including any W-2 tax and wage statements, 1099 forms, receipts for deductibles and exemptions, and the completed copy of the 1040 federal income tax form.

Open the 740 Kentucky tax instruction booklet. Follow the accompanying instructions line-by-line, completing the 740 form in pencil.

Double check the math by going over each entry with the calculator.

Carefully copy the corresponding information from the pencil-filled form into the second 740 form in the packet with blue or black ink. Retain the pencil copy and file it away with important records.

Sign and date the 740 paper form that was completed using ink. Attach all relevant schedules and pertinent forms to the 740 form, fold the lot and insert it into an envelope.

If you are anticipating a refund, address the envelope containing your Kentucky state paper income tax forms to: Kentucky Department of Revenue, Frankfort, KY 40618-0006; or, if enclosing payment for additional Kentucky state taxes due, address the envelope to: Kentucky Department of Revenue, Frankfort, KY 40619-0008.

Attach proper postage to the envelopes and mail prior to the April 15 deadline.


  • If a Kentucky taxpayer does not receive a tax package via the postal mail, paper Kentucky state income tax forms and instruction booklets are available from the Kentucky Department of Revenue in what is called the "740 Packet." This contains duplicate copies of 740 forms, the most commonly used schedules and attachments, along with the instructions together in one package. The packet can be obtained by download from the website, by calling 502-564-3658, or via the postal service by sending a request to: FORMS, Kentucky Department of Revenue, Frankfort, KY 40620.

    New regulations for each tax year are prominently listed at the beginning of the 740 instruction booklet. For taxpayers thoroughly familiar with the Kentucky income tax system, it is still important to review the changes annually.