How to Find Out If You Have Government Retirement Funds

One of the primary benefits of working for the federal government or public agencies is a retirement package. You may have worked in places where there was a benefits package but changed employers over the years, losing track of what you are owed in retirement. The Office of Personnel Management has several resources to help determine if you have retirement benefits and where they are located. It may take some research, but rest assured, you funds are held in trust for you until you or your beneficiaries find them.

Compile the information you will need for your search. This includes Social Security information and prior employment records, including dates of employment.

Call the Office of Personnel Management at (202) 606-2532 or visit the website at

Determine if you are in the CSRS retirement database or the FERS retirement database. The CSRS (Civil Service Retirement System) maintains records for employment prior to 1987. The FERS (Federal Employees Retirement System) maintains newer records or those who voluntarily transferred from the old system to the new system.

Search the database records based on where you think you may have assets.

Check with the FERCCA (Federal Erroneous Retirement Coverage Corrections Act) options to see if an error occurred and how to rectify the records.


  • If you are a beneficiary who is unaware of retirement funds owed to a deceased loved one, you can check with the National Association of Unclaimed Property Admnistrators ( if there are any assets held in trust for you at your state comptroller office.