How to Open a Bank Account Online Without Using Chexsystems

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Many banks are offering accounts to individuals with less than perfect credit, or those reported to Chexsystems. Typically, these accounts are referred to as second chance, or fresh start accounts because their purpose is to give the individual another chance and allow him to rebuild his credit. Without these second chance programs, individuals with negative Chexsystems reports would have to wait five years for those items to drop off and individuals with poor credit reports would have to wait seven years for those items to drop off.

Search for "second chance checking" in your search engine and find a bankwith which you'd like to open an account. A few banks that come up in the search are People's Cash Solutions, Liberty Savings Bank, and Compass Bank. Here's the process for applying to People's Cash Solutions as an example.

Click "Apply Now."

Select that you've read the disclosures and click "Apply Now."

Click "I Accept" when asked about the overdraft policies.

Fill out the application form with your personal information.

Click "Print This Page."

Submit the application electronically and wait for your pre-approval. Your pre-approval will come by email in about two to three days.

Mail your printed application, a minimum of $30 as your opening deposit, and a copy of your ID to People's Cash Solutions.


  • Check to see if the bank is FDIC insured before applying.