How to Obtain an EIN Number in Dallas, Texas for an Online Business

Dallas, Texas business owners, even online business owners, should have a federal identification number before starting the business. Employer identification numbers (EIN) are needed for any business that collects Dallas sales tax or pays Dallas employment taxes or pays employees. Obtaining the Dallas EIN is free, but you need to complete an application before being assigned a federal identification number for the business.

Use the IRS online application process to obtain the EIN immediately. Use the IRS: EIN Assistant in the Reference section as a starting point to the application process.

Read the “About the EIN Assistant” and “Restrictions” before clicking “Begin Application.” You must complete the application in one session and you only have 15 minutes to do so.

Select what type of business you will have on the next page. Select from “Sole Proprietor,” “Partnership,” “Corporations” or “Limited Liability Company.” Click “Continue” to proceed to the next page.

Select “Sole Proprietor” on the next page as well, which is a self-employed person or a independent contractor. Click “Continue” to proceed. Confirm your selection, “Sole Proprietor” on the next page. Click “Continue” to proceed.

Select the reason you are applying for an EIN on the next page. Click “Continue” to proceed. On the next page, enter your first, middle and last name. Enter your Social Security number where it says, “SSN/ITIN.” Check the box that says you are a sole proprietor. Click “Continue” to proceed.

Enter your address and phone number on the next page. Click “Continue” to proceed. On the next page, enter the name of your business, where it is located and the start date when you will start conducting your online business in Dallas, Texas. Click “Continue” to proceed. On the next page, you will be given your EIN for the business.


  • Besides an EIN, business owners should have a business tax registration tax ID (business license) and sales state tax ID (seller’s permit).

    Businesses need a Doing Business As (DBA) certificate from the state of Texas.

    Dallas, Texas businesses that have even one employee will also need a state tax ID number.