New York Foreclosure Help

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If you live in the state of New York, you can get help if you're facing or already in foreclosure. Since foreclosure is a time sensitive process, you should seek help as soon as you think you're in trouble. Your options will depend on your personal circumstances, but you might get to work out a solution with your lender instead of losing your home.

Foreclosure Relief Unit

The New York State Department of Financial Services operates a Foreclosure Relief Unit to help homeowners in the state who are in or facing foreclosure. You can contact the unit for information on current federal programs and legal processes. The unit helps homeowners who want to try loan modification or other foreclosure prevention programs, and helps resolves complaints they may have about their mortgage companies.

Housing Counseling

According to the New York State Attorney General's Office, New York residents can contact local nonprofit housing agencies in their county for help deal with foreclosure. Exact services offered vary by agency. For example, the Keuka Housing Council offers in-home meetings for clients in Ontario County, while United Tenants of Albany in Albany County helps tenants in buildings under foreclosure. You can view full listings of housing counseling agencies by New York county on the official websites of New York's attorney general and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

New York City Programs

The NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development runs two programs to help city residents with foreclosure. Its Center for New York City Neighborhoods offers legal help, counseling services, and information to distressed homeowners. The Mortgage Assistance Program provides eligible homeowners loans without interest to pay owed mortgage payments through local counseling and legal agencies. To qualify, homeowners must meet income guidelines, live in a residential house or condo in New York City with under five units, and have a loan that the assisting agency deems affordable.

Hope Now

Hope Now is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing counseling agencies, lenders, homeowners, and other involved parties in a foreclosure together. Residents of the state of New York can contact the organization for free counseling through its dedicated hotline. The counselors provide you with a plan based on your circumstances and personal information, and have lender contact information available for local banks and mortgage companies.