How to Move in Two Weeks

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Relocating can be a fantastic experience for anyone as it allows you to enjoy a new city, meet new people, and expand your work and education. When you are in a time crunch, moving can seem like a stressful situation. If you have less than two weeks to move, keeping an organized and thorough schedule is extremely important so you do not forget to do any important tasks.

Make arrangements with a moving company or order a moving truck. You can make a reservation with a moving company using a credit or debit card online any hour of the day. The sooner you make the arrangements, the more likely the company will have the equipment or service available for you. If you are moving a long distance, pick up your truck the day before moving day so you can get everything packed into it; allowing you to rest up enough for the drive.

Change your address on your credit cards, loans, bank accounts and automobile insurance and registration. Changing the addresses before you move will avoid the possibility of forgetting once you are busy with moving and getting situated in your new home.

Clear out closets, cabinets and basement areas. Pack everything you do not use into boxes one to two weeks before you move. Leave only essentials such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, tooth brush, a couple towels and a couple outfits out to get you through the two weeks.

Pack everything you want to take with you and dispose of any items you no longer need. Consider donating old clothing or furniture to charities.

Move all of your packed boxes to one room in your home. Disassemble furniture and stack all pieces in one room. Clear out every room in your home that you possibly can to eliminate a hassle on the moving day.

Schedule your utilities to be shut off at your current home and turned on in your new home. You will want to schedule this before your move to ensure your utilities are on at your new location when you move.