Month to Month Roommate Agreement

A Month to Month Roommate Agreement is a document used when a person rents a room with other people on a month to month basis. This agreement outlines details of the agreement along with all terms and conditions associated with the contract.


A Month to Month Roommate Agreement is used for informing tenants of rights, rules and obligations arising from the rental of the room. This agreement is used for room rentals for houses, apartments or condominiums.


This agreement allows a renter the knowledge of expectations and obligations required of him. It offers details about the rented space, usage of property, rules and consequences. It also contains payment information including the rental amount, security deposit amount, and renter’s obligation of utilities.



A Month to Month Roommate Agreement states the date of the lease, the names of all renters, the address of the property and signatures of all parties. This agreement also states the amount of time the agreement is for, and the notification required for terminating the contract.