How to Get Free Meals

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If you like eating out but money is tight, it is time to become more resourceful and seek free meals. Though this may seem somewhat unrealistic, opportunities do exist, if you know where to look. Simply follow a few strategies and you will indeed benefit.

Request freebies online. Most restaurants have websites and many have loyalty programs or email lists that you can join online. Often, companies will send you emails for free meals just for signing up, then you will regularly receive emails with coupons for free food and discounted offers.

Sign up for mail or email lists at restaurants. If a restaurant does not have a website, it often has mailing list sign-up sheets. Sign up and you will receive coupons for free food via either mail or email.

Cut coupons. In the Sunday paper, coupon inserts for free meals often appear. You will find many buy-one, get-one-free coupons. This will help when you are going out with your family.

Join Facebook and Twitter and become fans of your favorite restaurants. Following your favorite restaurant on a social marketing site can have many benefits. You will stay in contact with the company and updated on promotions. Moreover, you will get inside tips and free coupons made available only to the establishment’s fans.

Eat free on your birthday. Take advantage of birthday "gifts" from your favorite restaurants, particularly a free meal on your birthday. Sometimes when you go into a restaurant on or near your birthdate, if you just tell them you are celebrating your birthday, you will get a free meal. To ensure you get the free meal before going in, all you have to do is sign up online. When you sign up for the newsletters on their website youn will get a coupon a few days before your birthday to use.

Say something. This is the most often overlooked step to getting free meals. If you ate somewhere and had a good or bad experience, just say something and you will receive free food. Usually, however, people say nothing either way. If you just speak up, talk to a manager, send a letter or email, you will get a coupon for a free meal in the mail or via email. This is a really great way to get free food and save money because not only are you helping yourself, but you are helping that restaurant improve.


  • Don't feel ashamed about using coupons. Restaurants are just happy to have your business. There's nothing shameful about saving money and getting a free meal. Dedicate some time to searching the Internet to find restaurants that have newsletters or email lists. It doesn't take much time to provide your name and email address; in return, you get a free meal.


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