How Many Times Can I Use a VA Loan to Purchase a Home?

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The Department of Veterans Affairs handles the welfare, health care and general support of veterans of the U.S. armed forces. In addition to critical emotional and health services, the VA also provides low-cost, low-interest home loans to veterans. These loans help veterans achieve the dream of homeownership. It is possible to use a VA loan more than once.

Verify that any previous VA home loans are paid in full. This must be proven with a paid-in-full letter from the prior lender, a discharge of mortgage (recorded and notarized), and a copy of a credit report showing the account reporting a zero balance. The VA will not finance a new loan with an existing home loan on the books.

Request a current copy of your credit report online at This is the government-mandated site that allows all consumers to access a free copy of their credit report. Print this report and highlight the zero balance on the old VA loan.

Log onto the Winston-Salem Eligibility Center website to request a new Certificate of Eligibility. Download the form from the list of PDF documents.

Print the Certificate of Eligibility form and fill it out. The form requests the following information: your name, address, email address, military service record and any previous VA loans.

Mail the Certificate of Eligibility form to the Winston-Salem Eligibility headquarters. The normal VA response time is 10 business days.

VA Loan Guaranty Service P.O. Box 20729 Winston-Salem, NC 27120

Contact the VA department to request a Certificate of Eligibility if your old VA loan is paid in full, but you still retain the property that the loan financed. This is a special circumstance, and you must get approval from the VA department.