How to Make Cheap Reuseable Yard Sale Signs

How to Make Cheap Reuseable Yard Sale Signs
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If you have a yard sale every year, you may be getting tired of making the signs for it over and over. Making permanent, durable signs that can be stored and then pulled out next year saves labor and materials. There's no need to spend a huge amount of money. Reusable yard sale signs can be made out of many different materials that don't cost a lot, and will last for as long as you want to keep selling your stuff.

Buy some cheap white corrugated vinyl and some cheap adhesive vinyl from your local sign making shop. It may have some smaller pieces it will give you for free, making your total costs zero.

Lay the adhesive vinyl on a flat surface with the vinyl facing down and the backing facing up. Draw the words "YARD SALE" on the backing. Be sure to draw them backwards, so that when you cut them out they will look right from the front. Because the front is vinyl and the backing is paper, it's easier to draw the letters on the backing.

Cut the corrugated vinyl into pieces that are 18 by 24 inches. Lay out a simple grid on the corrugated vinyl so that you can stick the letters to it in an organized and attractive way.

Cut the letters out of the adhesive vinyl using scissors.

Lay the first letter onto the face of the corrugated vinyl with the backing still on it. Holding the letter down against the surface, lift one corner and separate the backing from the adhesive vinyl. Attach the adhesive vinyl to the corrugated vinyl, then carefully pull the backing out from under the adhesive vinyl, holding as much of the letter down against the surface of the corrugated vinyl as possible. If you simply pull the backing off the letter and try to stick it on freehand, you are more likely to get the letter stuck to itself, to stick it on crooked, or to end up with creases and air bubbles.

Attach a stake to the back of your finished sign by putting screws through the corrugated vinyl and into the stake. When you use the sign, stick the stake into the ground to prevent the sign from tipping over or being blown away.