How to Make My Rent Payment

How to Make My Rent Payment
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Paying monthly rent is a fact of life for apartment dwellers and house renters: "If you don't pay, you can't stay," is the landlord's mantra. Fortunately, getting your rent to the landlord is not a difficult task, provided you have the money to pay. Landlords will accept payment by check, money order or cash. Cash, however, is least desired by landlords because of the security issues that accompany handling large amounts. But no matter how you pay, always pay on time and always get a receipt.

Verify that your have the money necessary to pay the rent due, including any late fees or past due amounts. Check your bank account balance online, by using your financial institution's customer service phone service, or by going into a branch or ATM.

Write a check or purchase a money order for the amount you want to pay: List your landlord as payee, date the check or money order, write "rent" on the memo line and sign the check or money order.

Address a stamped envelope to your landlord with the payment for mailing; you may also take your payment to your landlord if that is more convenient. Give cash, if he accepts it, to your landlord in person. Many landlords will automatically give you a receipt, regardless of your payment method, but make sure your get one if you pay in cash because it is your only proof of payment. The canceled check or money order receipt will serve as proof of payment if you use either of these forms of payment.


  • Get a receipt if you pay your rent in cash; store your receipts and canceled checks with your personal financial documents. Do not send cash through the mail. Always pay before the due date to avoid additional charges.