How to Make a Check Register With Microsoft Excel 2007

How to Make a Check Register With Microsoft Excel 2007
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Keeping an accurate check register helps maintain a grasp on personal finances, but the booklets you receive with a box of checks are not always handy. Microsoft Excel 2007 provides a standard check register template with 84 lines, allowing you to organize, file and save your financial information on your computer. Plus, the spreadsheet does all the calculations for you, making balancing your checkbook simple.

Open Microsoft Excel 2007 to pull up a blank spreadsheet. Click on the "Office" button--a circle surrounding four squares in different colors--at the top, left-hand corner of the document. When the menu drops down, click on "New" to open a window called "New Workbook."

Click "Search Microsoft Office Online for a template." Type in "check register." Several options will be found; the first template was created by Microsoft, while the others were contributed by Microsoft users.

Double-click on the Microsoft check register template to open a new page. Read the note about entering transactions sequentially. Click on the edge of the box and press the "Delete" key on your keyboard to close the text box.

Click on a cell and press the "Backspace" or "Delete" key to remove the sample entries in the cells. Keep the description of the transaction for the first row as "Previous balance," but type your own data into the credit and balance cells.

Fill out the form with your debits and credits as you would with a regular check register. Make sure to use each line, as noted in the deleted text box, rather than skip lines. Skipping lines will cause an error in the preprogrammed cells and result in a balance of "#VALUE!". Save your check register after each use.


  • Save your check registers by week or month in a single folder so you can track your spending easily.

    Investigate Microsoft user-submitted check registers, which follow the same guidelines, to see which style you prefer.


  • Double-check all numbers you enter into the spreadsheet for accuracy or the calculated balance will not accurately reflect your account balance.