How to Make The Most Money From Casinos

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In this article I will tell you how to win the most money from slot machines in Las Vegas, Reno, or Atlantic City. There is a certain technique that the big winners use. I won $838.27 in one night using it. I started off with $60. I just don't gamble often.

First- As soon as you enter the casino find the spot that is most viewable by the whole casino or anywhere in the casino. This spot is where people hit often. Casino owners program the machines for certain areas. There strategy to draw more people in is the allow people in the most viewable area to hit big or just hit period. If everyone see it, it will draw more people in because it gives a sense that everyone is hitting.

Second- Find someone who is winning. Play your slot machine on the opposite side of theirs. Don't play slot machines that have been throwing out money all nite. That is a big misunderstanding by people. They like to bounce attention around the room, but still hit the certain areas that attract the most views.

Third- It is always best to play the slot machines near the door. Most people who see a person winning will come directly into the casino and attempt to do the same thing. Machines in the front of the casion ALWAYS hit. It's on a regular basis too. My experiences at multiple casinos in Las Vegas enables me to teach you all about striking it big on the slots. Never stay at the same machine for more than 30 minutes. Most machines take hours to throw out money. Find a person that has been at a slot machine for about 45 mins to a hour. That is most likely when the machines throw out winnings. Hope this helps you win big money at the slots. Thanks for your time.


  • Don't attempt to trick the machine. It's already programmed Never play slot machines that are digital Don't do automated slot machine pulls.

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