How to Make Money From Buying Stocks

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Buying and selling stocks can be a great way to make a lot of money if you are well informed and do your research. The stock market changes daily and you are able to win and lose money in a short amount of time. There is no way to guarantee that you will make a lot of money from buying stocks, but by following a few steps you will increase your chances of making money.

Join an online brokerage or get a broker. It is important to join a brokerage in order to begin purchasing stocks. Ask friends or family for who they recommend or use the internet to find one that interests you. Many times online brokerages will offer promotions which allow you to trade a certain amount of times for free, so joining one of those may save you some money which you can buy more stocks with.

Research stocks. Websites like Yahoo! Finance allow users to search the trends on all publicly traded funds. Other sites such as will "grade" the stocks for you if you use them as your brokerage. They will tell you if you should buy the stock, keep it, or sell it. The best thing to do is follow several stocks for a time and purchase them when you think they are at the lowest price.

Purchase the stock you believe is going to do well.

Hold on to the stock and watch its value increase. If you feel the value has increased as much as it's going to or you see it starts decreasing more than you feel comfortable, sell the stock. Be patient; making money from buying stocks usually does not happen over night.


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