How to Make Extra Income Using Your Computer

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Advancement in technology makes the computer a powerful resource to earn cash. You can use the Internet to make money from home and start a new career or simply supplement a day job. Working from home on your computer allows you to create your own schedules. You can make money online by freelance writing, graphic design, selling your household items and offering your administrative services to others. Most companies that you sign up with will also pay you electronically through payment websites.

Write and edit articles for an online publication. Many websites hire freelance writers to write articles on particular topics. The specific writing requirements depend on the hiring company. Some articles are strictly for search engine optimization purposes, and other articles aim to provide useful information concerning a particular topic.

Sell your personal items on online auction sites. As a seller, you can list the items you want to auction off or sell, and consumers bid on the items or buy them outright for a predetermined price. This is particularly lucrative if you have a lot of antique or high-end merchandise you don't use. Auction sites such as eBay and Overstock Auctions are viable starting points.

Sell other people’s products as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a commission every time you sell a product that someone else created. Clickbank and Affiliate Bot are online marketplaces that connect affiliate marketers with sellers of products.

Offer services as a virtual assistant. Many business owners and professionals obtain the services of a virtual assistant to help with administrative tasks. All you need to start a virtual assistance business is a computer and the Internet.

Set up a blog. You can use personal websites to discuss various topics to make money. Ways to make money with blogs include placing advertisements on your site and selling affiliate products. Google Adsense has a large online advertisement program that allows blog and website owners to sign up and earn money.

Start a graphic design business. If you have graphic design software and design skills, you can offer your services to individuals and business owners. Some services you can offer include logo design, website design, banner design and marketing products designs.

Provide online tutoring services. If you have a college degree or if you're a college student, you can offer your tutoring services online. Many foreign students pay tutors for lessons in English. You can sign up through a tutoring company or start your own business.


  • Create a schedule when working online. It will help you stay focused and avoid the many distractions of the Internet.


  • Avoid job positions that ask you to pay money upfront because they are usually scams.


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