How to Make Birthday Coupons

Homemade birthday coupons are ideal personal gifts for the person who has everything or for the giver who always waits until the last minute. Coupons can be given as birthday gifts to parents, children, friends, girlfriends or boyfriends, husbands or wives and even to grandparents. The key to homemade gift coupons is honoring their value. That is, if the recipient is ready to use it, you must honor it. Coupons made and written by hand are more personal and attractive than computer-printed coupons.

Cut coupon tickets out of colored construction paper or thick white tag board. They can be any size, but should not be larger than a standard photograph so that they will fit in a purse or wallet.

Decorate the coupon using paper cutouts, markers, crayons, stickers, sequins or sparkle glue. Base the decorations on who the coupon is intended for. Make a pink sparkly coupon for your little sister and a calmer, neutral-colored coupon for your dad. Add birthday images to the coupon, such as a birthday cake, balloons, the number of age reached or even the words “happy birthday.”

Write the word “COUPON” in large black letters at the top of the paper. Underneath the bold letters, write “good for one...” in smaller letters followed by whatever the coupon is for. Depending on who the recipient is, the value of the coupon will vary. If the coupon is from a child to a parent, value items could be “one car wash,” “one kitchen cleaning,” “one big hug and a kiss.” If the coupon is from a husband to wife or girlfriend to boyfriend, it could read, “one back massage,” “one gourmet meal,” “one midnight walk on the beach.” Coupons for friends could be “one lunch on me” or “one all-night designated driver.” Coupons for children include “one hour past your bedtime,” “one extra dessert night,” or “one free weekend outing.”

Repeat the process for as many coupons as you intend to give. Place them all in a large envelope or use a hole punch to make a hole in the corner and attach them together with string. Decorate with a birthday ribbon and write the name of the recipient on the envelope.


  • You can make coupons on the computer and print them out for a professional look. However, computer-made coupons lose their handmade charm.

    You can also laminate your certificates with laminating paper or clear packaging tape.