How to Make a Bank for Kids

Saving money is a healthy habit that can begin at any age. Children often receive coins or dollar bills for allowances or chores. You can reinforce the value of saving by creating a personalized bank and teaching children to deposit money to save for a specific goal. When the bank is full, children can sort and count coins to put in coin wrappers. You can easily and economically create a child's bank using common household objects.

Place the lid of the coffee canister on a flat surface and cut a large, rectangular slot in the center of the lid. Make sure the slot is large enough to accommodate folded bills and quarters.

Measure and cut wrapping paper or construction paper to fit snugly around the canister. Smear glue on the outside of the canister and affix the paper cover.

Replace the lid on the top of the canister and press to snap closed. If desired, decorate this covering with markers, paint or stickers.

Deposit a few coins through the slot to start your child's saving habit.


  • Use any type of canister with a reclosable lid such as bulk hot chocolate, mashed potatoes or drink mix. Prepare canisters for denominations of coins, to assist your child in sorting money. Decorate the covering of the canister with a financial goal, such as "Video Game Bank" or "Doll Clothing Money."


  • Use the craft knife carefully as the sharp blade can cause injury.