Life Insurance Policies for Dogs

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Pet insurance has been around since the 1980's, yet only three percent of dogs are insured. states that in the past 25 years, owners are becoming more emotionally attached to their dogs and that they are more willing to pay large veterinary fees to ensure that their dogs survive rather than resorting to euthanasia. Dog life insurance is one of the many types of pet insurance policies available to pet owners.

What is Covered in a Dog Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance policies for dogs differ. Some carriers will pay the market value of the dog when it died. Other carriers will pay the original purchase price of the dog. Death due to accidents, diseases and terminal illnesses are covered by most policies. Other coverage may be extended to the costs of euthanasia, burial or cremation and even bereavement counseling. There are however deductibles and co-pays (specified out-of-pocket expenses for services and prescription drugs).

What is Not Covered in a Dog Life Insurance Policy

Dog life insurance policies differ among companies. Dog owners should research what is covered under the policy prior to buying the insurance policy. Some policies do not cover all veterinarian expenses in the case of a dog's death, due to an emergency or accident. Other policies deny death benefits when there is a preexisting or hereditary condition. The age of the dog or any behavioral problems can also play a role in determining whether it will be covered under a policy.

Difference between Dog Life Insurance and Dog Health Insurance

Dog life insurance and dog health insurance are not one in the same. Dog Obedience points out that a dog health insurance policy covers expenses occurred for health check-ups and treatments when the dog is sick or injured. This includes coverage for hospitalization, diagnostic tests, vet fees, medication, surgery and others. Typical dog health insurance policies reimburse the owner for about 80 percent of all health-related expenses. Dog life insurance, however, usually reimburses only the cost of the dog in the event of its death.

Other Types of Insurance for Dogs

There are other insurance policies available for dog owners besides dog life insurance and dog health insurance. There is dental insurance policies available for dogs. Regular pet insurance does not cover normally cover dental expenses. Veterinary Pet Insurance covers a proportion of the cost of unexpected diseases, annual check-ups, emergencies and routine veterinary expenses. VPI plans cost about $10 a month and are available to dog and cat owners living in the U.S.


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