How to Get Life Insurance for a Family Member

While life insurance is something you normally purchase on your own life, you may also buy it for a family member, with his consent, if certain conditions are met. By purchasing life insurance on a family member, you are protecting yourself from his financial liabilities after he dies.

Verify that you have an insurable interest in the person. For example, you may purchase life insurance on your spouse, children and business partners. However, the insurance company may question whether it's necessary for you to purchase life insurance on your cousin's life or the life of an uncle. The companies will generally allow it, however, if you can show that you will suffer a financial loss if the person were to die.

Fill out a life insurance application. This includes name, address, telephone number, Social Security number, place of employment, annual salary, how the premiums will be paid for and how much life insurance you want to buy.

Gather your relative's personal health information, including current health condition, any medication he is taking, family history of illness or disease, occupation and driver's license number so the insurer can verify his driving record.

Pay the first premium. You will receive a binder for insurance, indicating the policy is in force temporarily. When the insurer completes an analysis and finishes a heath exam on your relative, you will receive a permanent policy number as well as your insurance contract.


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