Life & Health Insurance Certification

Life & Health Insurance Certification
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In order to obtain a health and life insurance license, applicants must satisfy the prerequisites required by the state. This is often in the form of classroom hours and practice examinations. Without these prerequisites applicants will not even be able to sit for the exam. Insurance laws are based on state law; therefore, the prerequisites can vary from state to state. The following requirements are those held by a majority of the states.

Classroom Hours

Generally, applicants must have 20 classroom hours for both the health and the life license. A total of 40 hours should be spent to satisfy the prerequisites for these two licenses. Other licenses require additional hours, but not all necessarily require 20. For example, the Medicare license only requires 10.

Online Courses

Instead of participating in an actual classroom type experience, applicants may opt to take an online course. These courses are designed to fulfill the classroom hours requirement; however, the applicant can work at his own pace so it may take more or less than 20 hours. Nonetheless, finishing this on-line course fills the requirement of having 20 hours.

Practice Exams

If opting to take a online class, passing a practice final examination is required. Without passing these finals, a certificate will not be issued. Multiple attempts are allowed at these exams. After passing the finals, it is suggested to continue to take practice tests to reinforce the concepts learned.


After completing the classroom hours or on-line class, the applicant must request a certificate. If taking both the life and health tests, an applicant should have two certificates. Without these certificates, an applicant will not be allowed to take the test. The certificates should state the "school code" where the classroom hours were completed.


To actually obtain the life and health licenses, the applicant must pass the final examination with a 70 percent. The tests are not combined, so if applying for both life and health, there will be two separate exams. Each exam consists of 60 questions. The test is administered at registered testing facility and the exam has to be scheduled in advance. The applicant must have two forms of identification when taking the test.

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