How to Invest in Nike Stocks

Nike, Inc. was founded in 1972 and to this day remains one of the largest manufacturers of sportswear and sporting equipment in the world. The company boasted a total revenue of over $1 billion dollars in 2007. With a record as strong as that, it is only natural to want to invest in their future and hopefully take home a bit of those profits for yourself.

Researching Nike

Research Nike and make sure they are a company you truly want to invest in. Their stock symbol is NKE. Consider their history, trends, and major developments. The stock market fluctuates, a good piece of news can send stock soaring for a day and the converse is also true. One largely publicized negative piece of news, can send stock straight into the ground. Be aware of what is going on in the world of Nike.

Obtain a prospectus from Nike. A prospectus is a legal document that will provide you with incredibly detailed, specific information about the company to further inform your purchase of their stock. It will provide you with any financial statements, information on their CEO, board of directors, and information about any legal proceedings they may be involved in. A prospectus can be incredibly useful when investing. You can get one through your stock broker or from the company website.

Consider Nike's sales statistics. When annual earnings reports become public, the news will directly influence the price of their stock. If the current year's earnings are higher than the previous years, the stock will go up. Therefore, it is helpful to know just what the earnings from the previous year was. For Nike, in 2007 they posted a net profit of $1.49 billion dollars worldwide, with over 60% of their total earnings coming from outside of the United States.

Buying Nike

Contact your stock broker and inform them that you'll be investing in Nike, Inc. If you have an online stock broker, you have only to enter Nike's stock symbol to pull up all the relevant information.

Have a set purchase price in mind. Watch the market for a couple of days and wait for the stock to reach your price range. If Nike stock fluctuates a few dollars up and down each day, wait for it to get on the low end before you purchase.

Purchase shares of Nike. Whether you're calling your broker and giving the "buy" order, or entering the symbol and an amount and clicking "buy" on a web page, purchasing stock is only moments away. Once this is done, monitor the value of the stock.


  • Set stock price purchase parameters to limit your risk in a fluctuating market.


  • Never invest more capital than you're willing to lose.