How to Qualify for California Medi-Cal

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In California, qualifying low-income earners can obtain Medi-Cal coverage. Medi-Cal, California's Medicaid program, operates with both federal and state financing. Medi-Cal provides low-income families and individuals with needed health care services. Eligible recipients of Medi-Cal coverage include families and individuals with varying degrees of disability and need. Medi-Cal takes temporary emergency situations into account as well when deciding on qualification for the Medi-Cal program. Before you apply for Medi-Cal, you should ascertain whether you quality for inclusion in the program and, if so, what steps you must take to acquire Medi-Cal coverage.

Provide proof that you receive benefits through Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), foster care or adoption assistance, In-Home Supportive Services, refugee assistance, Social Security or Supplemental Security Income. Individuals who receive benefits through these services qualify for Medi-Cal coverage.

Apply for Medi-Cal if you have reached the age of 65, if you are blind, pregnant or disabled, if you have not yet reached the age of 21, if you have a refugee status (depending on how long you have lived in the United States) or if you reside in a skilled intermediate care or nursing home.

Qualify for Medi-Cal if you care for a child under the age of 21 who has a deceased parent, a parent with a breast or cervical cancer diagnosis, an incapacitated parent, an unemployed/underemployed parent or a non-custodial parent.

Fill out the Medi-Cal application after you have affirmed your qualification for acceptance into the program.

Submit your application to one of California’s 58 public social services agencies that reviews application requests for acceptance into the Medi-Cal program.

Contact the Medi-Cal Eligibility Division if you need assistance with coordination, clarification or implementation of your Medi-Cal services. You can contact the Eligibility Division if you have any questions or concerns about your qualification to receive Medi-Cal or if one of the social service agencies turned you down incorrectly.


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