How to Make Money While Waiting for Disability

A number of months can elapse between the time you file for disability and the time you receive your first check. Meanwhile, you have bills -- like rent -- to pay and groceries to buy. Hence, you will need to find ways to make money while waiting for disability payments. However, consider approaching your creditors first and telling them your situation. The gas company or credit card firms may temporarily let you pay less per month. Additionally, move to a smaller apartment, if possible, or find a roommate to split the rent and utilities with you.

Contact your local health and human services department. Explain your situation to one of the social workers. Make an appointment to see a social worker if you qualify for any special state assistance, including financial, assistance, medical care and food stamps. Apply for assistance if you qualify, especially if you have children, which may increase your odds of getting financial assistance. Contact food banks as well.

Contact your church pastor or local churches if you do not belong to a church. Meet with him and explain your situation. Ask him if the church can help you through a special offering or charitable benefit. Contact social service organizations like the Salvation Army and United Way for assistance, as they often help individuals with financial needs.

Look for items you can sell around your house, according to Sell them through a small classified ad in your local newspaper. Meet with neighbors and have a street garage sale. Post fliers on telephone polls and advertise the street garage sell in the paper. Have everyone contribute to the cost of the ad.

Sell large items you may not need as well, such as extra cars, computers, furniture and mattresses. Take jewelry and coins down to the pawn shop for cash.

Go to, which stands for the American Disabilities Act. Search for the local branch and find out what temporary jobs are available for the disabled. Go to and search for job opportunities for the disabled. Apply for those jobs of interest. Select a position that you can physically work.

Search for part-time jobs that you can do, such as telemarketing, handing out fliers or holding signs for businesses, light janitorial work or bookkeeping. Take a part-time job that covers your main bills, factoring in any government assistance you receive.

Sell blood at your local blood bank as often as you can. Many blood banks pay cash for blood donations. Be sure to check with your physician before donating if you have a chronic medical condition.

Think of part-time business ventures you can start and perform, including washing windows of local businesses, cleaning offices, pet sitting or walking dogs, or delivering packages for local businesses.


  • You may want to continue your job or business after you start receiving your disability checks. In most states, you are eligible to make a certain amount above your disability income, such as $1,000. Contact your local social security office for the exact amount your can earn in your area.