How to Find Your CPR Certification Number

by Jodee Redmond ; Updated May 11, 2018
Prove that you can give CPR with your CPR certification number.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification is a requirement for several jobs. If you are applying to work in fields such as healthcare, construction, firefighting, police services, corrections or coaching, you will be expected to provide a copy of your CPR certificate number. Your prospective employer will need to confirm you have completed the requirements for this important safety skill.

Basic Life Support CPR Course Description

Basic life support CPR training takes approximately four hours to complete. It provides students with the knowledge they need to earn a two-year CPR certification card. If you take this course, you will learn how to recognize an emergency situation requiring CPR, the correct techniques for using this life-saving method, how to help a choking victim, how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) and more.

How to Find your CPR Certificate Number on your First Aid/CPR Certificate

The certificate issued when you complete your first aid/CPR training has a number of important details printed on it. Examine it carefully to confirm that you can show an employer that you are CPR certified.

The CPR certificate number is at the bottom of the certificate. There also is a date of issue and an expiration date. You’ll want to confirm that the CPR certificate is still valid and that you don’t need to certify again.

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Lost Your CPR Certificate? How to Find the Certificate Number

Even if you can’t physically put your hands on your CPR certificate, you aren’t out of options for finding this important information.

The center where you took your CPR training course should be able to issue a duplicate certificate if the original one is lost or destroyed. Call or email the training center to inquire about having a replacement card issued. The center might charge a fee for the duplicate, so you'll need to be prepared to pay that.

However, before you contact the course provider, think about how you received your CPR certificate. Some training centers issue certificates electronically. It could be in your email. Search your inbox for keywords such as the name of the training center, your instructor’s name or "CPR" to locate the certificate.

Once you find it, you can download it to email it to an employer or print it if a hard copy is required.

CPR Recertification Training

American Red Cross CPR certifications are valid for two years. Recertification training must be completed before the current certification expires, or you will need to repeat the basic certification course.

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