How to Find Your CPR Certification Number

by Jeanne Dober ; Updated October 25, 2017
Prove that you can give CPR with your CPR certification number.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation certification, otherwise known as CPR, is often a requirement in jobs in the health care field or for lifeguards, teachers and day care workers. If your job requirements include having a CPR certificate you can find the CPR certification number to help prove that you already took CPR. This number is registered with the company that you took CPR through and the company will confirm that you took the class with them.

Step 1

Locate your Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) card that you received when you completed a CPR course. This card will have the CPR certification number written on it. The number is usually located at the bottom of the card.

Step 2

Request a copy of your CPR card from your former instructor if you cannot find a current copy. The instructor can order a new copy from the company they work with. You might have to pay a fee for a new card, and the fee will vary from company to company.

Step 3

Contact the company that you took CPR through and request a copy of your CPR information. This works if you cannot locate your card or your instructor. It is helpful if you know when you took the course and your instructor's name as this will assist the company in locating your information.


  • Request the information about your CPR certification number in plenty of time before you need it. It can often take up to a month for the company to send out a new copy of your information. Keep any documentation that you have proving you took the CPR course.

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