How to Find Out What Government Grants A Person Qualifies For

by Contributor ; Updated September 26, 2017
How many government grants are you qualified for?

A Government grant is money given to a individual or group for a specific reason. If all obligations assigned to the grant was fulfilled most grants do not have to be payed back. Learn how to determine if you qualify for a state or federally funded grant.

Step 1

To determine your eligibility for a grant you first must find the grants that meet your needs. The best place to start is grants.gov. It is a government ran website that identifies grants available and helps keep track of grants you apply for.

Step 2

The first step in being successful in getting grant funding is not to un-qualify yourself from a grant to soon. This means if your grant sets qualifications that you may not meet 100%, you may still be able to obtain the funding if your qualifications are a better fit then others that apply. This mostly applies to grant qualifications such as income level, previous experience, or degrees of education earned. So the only thing you have to lose is the time it takes to apply. However most grant opportunities are not able to bend rules are geographical and/or gender or minority qualifications. For example, if you are a while male you are wasting your time applying for a woman's scholarship.

Step 3

Low income grants do not always follow the usual low income guidelines. Some foundation grants for college actually go by what is considered to be low income compared to their typical student. If the a grant is based on grades and income level, typically the lower the income the lower the grades can be for acceptance (as long as they are still good grades)and the higher the income the higher the grades need to be for the acceptance of a grant.

Step 4

A grant that is set aside for only non-profit organizations can sometimes be approved for profit organizations under some circumstances. For instance after they receive the grant they can either agree to file for nonprofit status as obligated in the grant acceptance or they may be able to work closely with a current non profit with similar goals.


  • Federal and state government grants are out there, but you will not get one unless you apply. Most grant acceptees apply for several grants before being offered grant money.

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