How to Check Medicaid Coverage

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Medicaid is a federally-funded health insurance program offered to low-income individuals. Although there are federal guidelines, each state Medicaid program has its own eligibility requirements. You will need to contact your local Medicaid office to apply for Medicaid benefits. After completing the application and submitting the mandatory documents such as pay stubs or your driver's license, your information will be assigned to a caseworker for processing. In some states, a Medicaid application can take up to 45 days to review. You can check your Medicaid coverage at any time.

Contact your Medicaid caseworker. You can either call or visit the office in person. Most states also allow you to view benefit details online. For example, the Access Florida site provides applicants with detailed information pertaining to their Medicaid account. You will need your case number to register.

Ask the caseworker to check on your Medicaid coverage. Some Medicaid information lines provide instant access to your case through an automated system. You can speak to a representative if you have specific questions about your coverage. There are different forms of Medicaid. You may be enrolled in an HMO plan. Ask your caseworker which type of Medicaid coverage you have.

Provide your personal information to confirm your identity. You will need to give the caseworker your name, Social Security number, date of birth and address. If you are accessing an automated system or the website, you will most likely need to enter your case number.

Ask your doctor to check your Medicaid coverage. If you are unsure about your current Medicaid benefits, ask your doctor to check for you. Many doctors will verify insurance coverage before scheduling an appointment.


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