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This post will show you how to buy silver coins. The U.S. paper dollar is begining to really loose value in this economic recession, and will continue to loose it's value as the recession turns into a depression. You will not be suprised to see precious metals such as silver coins begin to rise in value, as the U.S. paper dollar begins to loose value. Many people want to buy silver coins, don't know how to buy silver coins. Buying silver coins takes skill and patience. I hope this article will help you buy silver coins.

First thing you need to do is recognize the value of buying silver coins today. As the U.S. Paper dollar continues to loose it's value over the next years, buying silver coins can be a great way to store real value. Buying silver coins is best when you understand the reasons why you want to buy this investment. When you are certain that this is the direction you want to go to, I advise people to first log on to the internet. Do a google search on "Silver coins" and type in your area/city. You will find that there are not many silver coin dealers around. But finding a good coin dealer is key to getting the ball rolling. Make sure you read books, ask questions about silver as an investment before you actually buy it. When you do enough research and understand pricing it would be best to make a move.

Second, I suggest you physically purchase the actual silver coins from a coin shop, because then it will seem like a real trade. Buying silver coins is best when you take tangible ownership of your silver coins, at the exact day you give the money. There are ways to buy online, but I like actually going to the shop knowing I will receive it by hand the exact same day. Buying silver coins online is effective, but it takes sometimes 3 days and more to actually receive the coins, also there is a higher premium that you pay (generally) online, versus paying less premium at a coin shop (generally). Don't forget about shipping cost also when buying silver coins online! When you buy silver coins straight from a dealer and physically go there you are pretty much in and out.

Third, make sure you find a trusted coin dealer. You might have to hop around from dealer to dealer in the beginning, as silver is generally low in stock, plus you want a silver dealer you can trust and won't get ripped off by. Buying silver coins has to do with good relationships with you and the dealer. I suggest using common sense when searching for a good coin dealer. Once you have purchased your coins, keep it in a safe and lock it up. You are going to have physical possession of your silver coins, so make sure it is locked up and safe. This article has shown you how to buy silver coins.


  • Use common sense when dealing with coin dealers. Research by reading books asking questions about silver coins. Buying silver coins now will be valuable for the future. Buying silver coins is a trial and error process in the beginning, so be patient.

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