How to Find Out How Much You Owe On Student Loans

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Have you lost track how much you own on student loans? Well if you have a few minutes you can take the steps to learn exactly how much that education has cost you.

Just get your basic info ready to go. You will just need to go to one website. The website might ask if you accept their security encryption. You will just need to click until you get to a page with a number of tabs on top. The website is www.nslds.edgov/

One of the tabs will say financial aid review. Just click on that and you will be asked for some basic info to prove it is you. Once you have completed that you will be shown a list of all your loans and grants.

Make sure all of your info is correct. You will see your total loans number at the bottom of the page. Well you have found the truth or scary truth of what you owe and to who.

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