Home Schooling Resources for Low-Income Families

Many families consider a variety of options for educating their children. Public schools offer a free education, but this comes with a lack of religious education and safety concerns in some neighborhoods. Private schools introduce religious education and usually incorporate higher safety standards, but also come with a high price for parents. Parents who wish to control the educational process for their children may choose to home-school. Several resources exist for low income families who choose to home-school.


Public libraries contain a wealth of information on many subjects. Home-school families benefit from this information. As the teaching parent determines what subjects to teach her children, she can check out books and videos from the public library. Many public libraries offer unique resources for home-schooling families, including curriculums and teaching packs. Special presentations geared toward home-school families are also held during the regular school day at public libraries.

Online Communities

Many online home-school communities exist, allowing teaching parents to trade teaching ideas, share lesson plans and discuss challenges of home schooling. The teaching parent can usually join these online communities at no cost and interact with other home-schooling parents. Discussions often occur around specific subjects, such as math or history. The parent can read through the discussion, ask questions or contribute ideas for introducing concepts where few financial resources are necessary. The more he interacts with other home-schooling parents, the more ideas he brings back to share with his own children.

Other Families

Many regional communities include home-schooling organizations where families can meet one another and learn from methods tried in other homes. A home-schooling parent shares teaching ideas, organizes field trips and shares textbooks with other parents. Many a home-schooling parent purchases her textbooks used from other families whose children have progressed to a higher level. Field trips organized with a group often include discounted admission fees for participants, reducing the financial expense associated with these excursions.


The Internet allows home-schooling families to attend virtual field trips. Many museums include videos or photos of their exhibits along with educational information. Home-schooling children can attend art museums, natural history museums and science museums at no cost. Zoos also include live video streams online where children can see the animals interact and learn about the animals' natural habitats.