Help With Bills for Disabled People

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One might think financial help for people with disabilities is abundant and overflowing. However, the assumption is that since disabled Americans already receive disability checks, they are automatically taken care of. This thought process often leaves them inadvertently forgotten. Disability payments without additional income usually do not stretch far enough to cover all finances. However, there are private philanthropic organizations as well as governmental agencies which are specifically designed to help disabled Americans in their time of need.

Knowledge Pays

Knowledge is power. First, before you do anything else, arm yourself with a wealth of information by visiting the government website portal for disabilities,, and the Foundation Center website. is related to disabilities and the Foundation Center deals with grants. The Foundation Center connects grant seekers with funding sources and other services. After perusing these sites, you will find information regarding services, laws and referral links to financial resources throughout the country for disabled Americans. Both sites are like one-stop shopping for links to charitable giving, resources, organizations and other related information.

Children First

Bills for parents of children who are disabled can add up. Parents may be overwhelmed, especially if they earn a decent income and thus do not qualify for government grants. The Morgan Project puts children first. It is an all-volunteer organization in which all proceeds from donations go towards the support programs in place for chronically ill children with special needs. This organization can be a ray of hope for parents struggling to pay the bills due to medical expenses that are overwhelming.


Government personal grants are available for all types of needs for people who need help to subsidize transportation costs, equipment, bills, food and housing. Grants are absolutely free. Visit the government grant website. If you decide to apply, determination will be made based on information provided by applicants that shows proof of financial struggles. Applicants must promise to use the funds appropriately once the grant has been awarded.

A Bridge to Hope

Bridge of Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization which provides donations for disabled people who often have very little money. Bridge of Hope is a national 501c organization dedicated to nursing home shut-ins and the disabled. The help comes in the form of equipment, including wheelchairs and adaptive vehicles, technology, clothing, food and health care.



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