How to Get Free Health Insurance in Pennsylvania

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Health insurance is one of the most expensive necessities in the United States. With premium costs often increasing more than 10 percent each year and fewer employers willing to offer health benefits, free health insurance in an economically hard-hit state such as Pennsylvania is highly desirable. There are several programs in Pennsylvania that offer free health coverage to qualifying individuals. There are 50 Medicare plans available in Pennsylvania according to and the State of Pennsylvania Department of Human Welfare says that its COMPASS program offers a single access point to claim and renew a number of state offered benefits, including health coverage. With the costs of health insurance rising, many individuals hope to get free health insurance in Pennsylvania, so it is best to act quickly to claim benefits in order to expedite processing.

Navigate to the Pennsylvania COMPASS homepage located on the Pennsylvania Department of Human Welfare website. Either Firefox or Internet Explorer is required to use the online application.

Click on the "Apply for Benefits" link in the top right corner of the COMPASS homepage. This link is located under the "Get Started Now" tab.

Fill out and submit the online COMPASS application. Enter the relevant social security numbers in the appropriate fields and refer to the most recent pay stub or tax return for income and employer information.

Direct the web browser to the federal Medicare homepage and click on the fourth link from the top under the "Getting Started" header titled "Apply Online for Medicare Now".

Fill out and submit the online Medicare benefit application by entering all relevant information including social security numbers and employer information from the most recent pay stub or tax return. The application link will redirect the browser to a Social Security Administration webpage, but this is normal.

Print any application confirmation information offered by either site and file in a safe location. Confirmations will contain important information including contact details and next steps if additional documentation is required.


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