How to Get Free Grocery Store Milk Coupons

by Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017
Milk containers sometimes include coupons for savings on your next purchase of the same product.

Free grocery store milk coupons are available in various locations: online, in flyers and directly from stores and manufacturers. Always carry your coupons with you when you shop, even if they are issued by a store other than the one in which you plan to shop. Sometimes, you may apply coupons intended for use in one store toward a purchase in a competing store: Not wanting to lose your business, some stores accept their competitors' coupons.

Step 1

Call or write to the manufacturer. Check the container for the manufacturer's address and toll-free number. Manufacturers want to hear from their customers and often reward inquiring customers with coupons. They may send you a coupon for a specified discount on the purchase of milk or even a coupon representing the full retail price.

Step 2

Visit manufacturers' websites, where you may find coupons. Remember to visit the site before each trip to the grocery store.

Step 3

Look through advertising circulars in newspapers and those distributed through the mail.

Step 4

Examine in-store ads. Grocery stores typically place a rack containing current specials near the front door. These may include coupons for milk.

Step 5

Look for coupons on dairy milk alternatives: soy milk, or rice milk.


  • Check for savings based on volume. Some stores occasionally offer two gallons for the price of one.

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