How to Get Free Grocery Store Milk Coupons

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Free grocery store milk coupons are available in various locations: online, in flyers and directly from stores and manufacturers. Always carry your coupons with you when you shop, even if they are issued by a store other than the one in which you plan to shop. Sometimes, you may apply coupons intended for use in one store toward a purchase in a competing store: Not wanting to lose your business, some stores accept their competitors' coupons.

Call or write to the manufacturer. Check the container for the manufacturer's address and toll-free number. Manufacturers want to hear from their customers and often reward inquiring customers with coupons. They may send you a coupon for a specified discount on the purchase of milk or even a coupon representing the full retail price.

Visit manufacturers' websites, where you may find coupons. Remember to visit the site before each trip to the grocery store.

Look through advertising circulars in newspapers and those distributed through the mail.

Examine in-store ads. Grocery stores typically place a rack containing current specials near the front door. These may include coupons for milk.

Look for coupons on dairy milk alternatives: soy milk, or rice milk.


  • Check for savings based on volume. Some stores occasionally offer two gallons for the price of one.


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