About Grocery Coupons

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Grocery coupons are efficient and very useful. They offer savings on food for families and offer ways to assist our budget during hard economic times. There are several ways that coupons can be handy, and are very simple to use.


Grocery coupons help consumers save money on food bought for their household. They are very useful for helping keep a budget and assisting families having financial difficulties.

Where Can You Find Grocery Coupons?

Grocery coupons can be found in magazines, store fliers, newspapers and even online. Many websites are beginning to devote themselves to helping others find and locate coupons and have free memberships to teach others to save money. Such examples of these websites are grocerycoupons.com, coupons.com and couponmom.com (see Resources). They offer money-saving tips and help you find savings in your area.

Using Grocery Coupons

Using grocery coupons is very simple, and definitely not something to be ashamed of. It's a wonderful way to save you and your family money. Browse through newspapers and store fliers to find out which coupons and savings can save you the most money. However, just because there is a coupon for an item doesn't mean you have to buy it. Look through your pantry and see which items need restocking. Plan a dinner menu for your family for the week, and then decide which ingredients you need. Look online, through newspapers, or any magazines you have to see if you can save money on the items you need.

Coupon Matching

If you have a coupon for an item that's on sale but your store doesn't offer the same sale, see if the store will match your coupon. Most stores are now starting to recognize coupon matching and will match a sale that another store carries. This way you don't have to travel to another place to shop for the items you need, and it's a good tactic for the store to keep it from losing a customer.

Grocery Coupons in the News

Learning how to use coupons and be frugal is becoming more popular. Many news programs host segments on using grocery coupons and ways to cut your grocery bill or family dinner in half. The subject of grocery coupons has appeared on news talk shows and other programs (see Resources).