How to Get Grants for Books

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Apply for a grant to help your institution obtain books.

Grants are gifts of money from the government, private citizens or foundations to help an individual or organization with a certain situation or need. Millions of dollars worth of grants are awarded yearly for various reasons, such as for repairing homes, starting a business, attending college or obtaining books. Resources for learning about available grants are plentiful.

Check out foundations and other organizations. The Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries is one foundation that supports libraries with grants of up to $6,000, allowing libraries to replace older books and expand their collections. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is another option to check for available grants.

Investigate government grants. The federal government offers grants that help institutions obtain books. Find out about federal government grants for books at the website. Applications for these grants are available through the website.

Apply for a grant. Some grants require a grant proposal, which helps the grant review committee determine who receives an award. Write the proposal in an easy-to-understand manner, conveying the importance of the grant for the institution and outlining the benefits that will result.

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