How to Get a Grant for School

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Get a Grant for School

Why pay for school all by yourself when you can get help. Here are tips on how to get grants for school.

The first step is to get a piece of paper out and write out all the things that could qualify you for a grant, basically everything that you can think about yourself. Your clubs, affiliations, school, geographic area, ethnicity, hobbies, and even whether or not you are left handed or right handed can help you get a grant. There are grants out there for almost everything and the more unusual the skill or trait, the better your chance to get the grant because fewer people will have that skill or trait thus be able to apply for the grant.

Next take this list and go to your local community college. It doesn't matter if this is not the college that you will ultimately attend. Many grants are not college specific. Go into their financial aid office and look through the books at the grants available and get an application for every one that you think that you could even possibly qualify for. It is amazing how many grants go unawarded because no one applies.

Now call the school you are attending and make an appointment with their financial aid officer (even if it is just a telephone appointment) and talk to them about what grants are available including school specific grants.

Finally go on the internet and google or yahoo grants for schools. You will likely be amazed at all the grants you find.

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