Government Grants for the Elderly

If you are an elderly person living in a cold house, have trouble paying your medical bills and you're on Medicare, or trying to decide what you can afford to eat today there is some hope out there. Although there are very few grants given to the elderly directly, there are several programs available that use grant money to help you in almost every aspect of your life.

Medical Assistance Grant

A formula grant provided through the federal government will allow a low income elderly person to apply for medical assistance. You must be deemed medically needy and over the age of 65. The State will follow Federal guidelines to determine your eligibility for this assistance. To find out further information you need to contact your state or local welfare office.

Nutritional Assistance Grant

This grant is provided by the federal government. It is available to people age 60 and over including their spouses. Under this grant the local agency is required to provide a meal that contains one-third the recommended daily dietary allowance for senior citizens. Depending on the local government involvement sometimes these meals may be delivered to seniors' homes . Seniors need to call their local welfare office to find out more about this program

Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program

The federal government awards state grant money to use toward needy senior citizens. This program provides coupons that can be used at participating farmers markets, roadside stands, and community supported agricultural programs. Seniors that are 60 years or older and have low income can qualify for this program. Further information can be found through the United States Department of Agriculture.

Housing Grants

There are several programs through grants to the states from the federal government that will provide safe and affordable housing for the needy that are older than 62. These programs include: Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly, HOPE for Elderly Independence Program, Local Rental Assistance Program, Public Housing, and the Rural Housing Service Rental Assistance Program. You will need to contact HUD to locate where applications are accepted locally and the requirements for the particular program that will fit your needs.

Grants Management Center

This center manages such programs as the Housing Choice Voucher. These grants are federally funded. This program allows low income elderly to afford safe and clean housing in the private market. There are specific requirements for this program so if you are interested contact the Office of Public and Indian Housing. (PIH).

Home Repair and Weatherization Grants

These grants from the Federal government are to assist people 62 years of age and older. The money is available for repair to a needy seniors’ homes to remove health and safety hazards or modernize the homes. Grants are available up to $7500. Contact your State’s Rural Development field office to see if you would qualify for this grant.