How to Get Tax Forms in Spanish

by Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017

How to Get Tax Forms in Spanish. For English speaking citizens obtaining tax forms is usually as easy as visiting their local library or federal building. Both of these locations are stocked with all the forms you require to file personal and corporate tax returns. Citizens who read and speak Spanish can obtain tax forms in their native language from the IRS directly.

Step 1

Look up the phone number for the IRS tax forms. You can find this in most IRS tax publications. You can also find the number to order tax forms and publications by calling the IRS directly.

Step 2

Go to the IRS website at and download the forms and publications directly from them in PDF format. All the forms that you may need and their instructions can be found on the IRS website in both English and Spanish.

Step 3

Order the forms and instructions that you need directly from the IRS on the website. These forms can be mailed to you in quantity. You can make them available to your Spanish-speaking employees.


  • The IRS limits the number of tax forms sent to 1000 per form and the instructions will only be sent to a maximum of 25.